Papal Theonomy & America Today

Holy Bible

by Ronald Cooke

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In this brief study I look at the religion of North America today. I try to examine the attempt of the Christian Coalition to bring America back to a Christian Culture. I look at the idolatry in the Roman Catholic Church; at the goals and power of the papacy; at the repudiation of the Reformation; at the impact of Jesuit teachings; and at the confusion which seems to exist among those who would class themselves as God's people in America today.

This study is far from exhaustive. It is merely a few suggestions that should cause the reader at least to think again about what is going on in the United States in 1996.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1     Reconstructionism and Mystery Babylon Religion

Chapter 2     The Ambition of the Papacy

Chapter 3
    The Vatican Network

Chapter 4
    Repudiating the Reformation in America Today

Chapter 5
    Medieval Theocracy

Chapter 6
    The Jesuit Theonomy

Chapter 7
    Jesuit Theonomy and the State

Chapter 8   
Realism or Surrealism

Chapter 1

Reconstructionism and Mystery Babylon Religion

The great ecumenical potpourri which characterizes American Protestantism today is closer to what the Scriptures reveal as Mystery Babylon the Great, than to the ecclesia Christ spoke of to his disciples. Mystery Babylon religion according to the Bible is composed of abominations, filthiness, and spiritual fornication. It is also described as the habitation of demons, and a hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Certainly not a very complimentary description given by the Spirit of God.

God's people then are commanded to come out of this unholy amalgam so that they will not be made partaker of her sins and plagues. The Lord God is said to be strong who judges her. The modern theonomists spend a great deal of time trying to prove that Mystery Babylon fell in A.D. 70. They do this for several reasons:

1. If Mystery Babylon fell in A.D. 70, it certainly cannot be in existence now, nor at any time in the future.

2. If Mystery Babylon is not now in existence, nor coming into existence, we do not have to worry about it, either to oppose it, or to separate from it.

3. The predicted apostasy in II Thessalonians is also then now past. That apostasy, and the Man of Sin, all referred to something that happened around A.D. 70 so again it has no bearing on the church today.

4. Roman Catholicism then, is not the great historical apostasy the Reformers said it was. In fact, Roman Catholicism can become a co-belligerent with us (Reformed Theonomists and Evangelicals) to fight secular humanism.

5. The great hodge-podge, unholy, amalgam of the following movements then has nothing whatsoever to do with Mystery Babylon religion but is a help to fight evil and atheism: groups such as Evangelization 2000, Charismatic Renewal, Ecumenical Evangelism, Campus Crusade, Promise Keepers, Full-Gospel Christian Businessmen, the National Association of Evangelicals, Inter Varsity, Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, Vision 21st Century, Lumen 2000, Reaching the World 2000, National Association of Religious Broadcasters, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, National Council of Churches, World Council of Churches, Dominion Theology, Opus Dei, Fatima Crusade, Vatican II, with all the various interfaith dialogues now going on between Lutheranism and The Vatican, United Methodism and the Vatican, United Presbyterianism and the Vatican, Southern Baptists and the Vatican, the Vatican and the Eastern Orthodox, and thevarious inter-religious dialogues between Roman Catholicism and Judaism, Protestantism and Islam, and other joint efforts at ecumenical cooperation; have anything whatsoever to do with the rise of Mystery Babylon the Great for, according to the theonomist, it already fell and disappeared off the earth in A.D. 70.

Needless to say, we do not accept such a romanized eschatology. In fact, what some men see as the ideal theonomy — the church governing the state in Medieval times - we see as the domination of false religion. What some would even call a "Reformed" theonomy, we see as much closer to the very papal theocracy, from which the Reformers DELIVERED us!

We extol the Reformation and the BREAKUP it caused to the Papal theocracy at that time. The Reformation DELIVERED Europe from a persecuting "theocracy"  and all the attendant evils which accompanied it.

Modern "Reformed" theonomy, like the modern charismatic movement, has proven to be catch-all for many strange views. All these strange ideas and teachings are united to set up the kingdom of God in America today. This kingdom is going to be set up using the sword and the pen; using political coalitions; preaching, courageous lies, and by every means possible. How one is to differentiate this agenda from a papal agenda, particularly a Jesuit one, I have not been able to discover.

According to the Scripture Satan is at work to set up His false church. Therefore one must distinguish between the false and the true church. Any old religion does not necessarily qualify as a true church.

According to the Apostle Paul, Satan has beguiled those who preach another Jesus; those who receive another spirit; and those who accept another gospel (II Cor. 11:4). Paul also warns that there are some who are "false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness" (II Cor. 11:13-15).

This false religious amalgam will culminate in Mystery Babylon religion trying to dominate the earth. Rome is certainly central to this unholy conglomerate. The true believer is to stay separated from MYSTERY CONFUSION,  and if for some reason he has become mixed up in it, he  is to come out of it.

This great ecumenical hodge-podge is the glory of men; but the target of God's righteous judgment. God calls his people to come out of this ecumenical CONFUSION, so that they will not be subject to the judgment which He intends to bring upon it.

The battle for truth and righteousness is primarily personal and theological. It is not sociological and cultural as Rome has always taught, and as many, who have swallowed Rome's line, are teaching today. Today the battle to save America is seen primarily as political and cultural; theology is shunted aside.

When theology is ignored the purported cause of truth is then skewed. The door is opened to idolaters to become cobelligerents in the battle. Then idolatry must be ignored, so that the fight against some other imagined foe, can then take place. So then a false theology of Mariolatry becomes acceptable, at least for awhile, until some other enemy is defeated. In this way true biblical theology goes out the window and the devil's logic becomes acceptable.

This is the reason why America will never be brought back to even a semblance of righteousness, by the agenda of the socalled "Christian Coalition." Righteousness is built upon the TEN commandments, not seven or eight commandments. Roman Catholicism ignores the first and second commandments. Some Reconstructionists ignore the ninth commandment. So any theonomy produced by such a coalition as we have today in America, will have to be based on SEVEN commandments not the TEN commandments.

The battle for truth can never even be prosecuted, much less WON, by considering idolaters and mariolaters as co-belligerents in the battle for truth. The true battle for truth cuts down imageworship and Mary worship. And indeed, sees this smashing of idolatry in all its forms, as absolutely ESSENTIAL if any victory is to be won in the spiritual realm.

The Reformers proceeded on two main fronts in establishing the Reformation in Europe: they put an end to all images and image-worship, and called for the abolishing of the Mass. In fact, in Strasbourg, Bucer started the whole movement toward Reform by having the city council abolish the Mass. Farel tossed out the images wherever he found them. Zwingli abolished the mass and images in Zurich. Calvin and Luther abolished the mass and images. Bullinger and Beza also opposed images and even went further and called for the end of all genuflecting, kneeling at communion, and standing at the reading of the Scriptures.

Yet today all these reforms are forgotten, and common cause is made with mass-mongers, image-worshippers, and mariolaters, to supposedly "save" America. The Reformers viewed the salvation of Europe in terms of getting rid of all these evils. Today, the modern charismatic, theonomist, and Christian "conservative," can see the salvation of America while retaining all these evils. How can these things be?

The amazing thing about the issue of idolatry and Mariolatry is the attitude of Rome toward these evils. Rome not only does not oppose the worship of Mary and Images, but teaches that those who do OPPOSE Mary worship are guilty of blasphemy.

A writer in the Fatima Crusader, who calls himself Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity, who writes under the Imprimatur of Archbishop Benedict To Varpin, given on June 5, 1995, states candidly:

Who are those who might commit this offence against the Immaculate Heart of Mary... In the first place and in general, the Protestant sects who refuse to receive the dogma defined by Pope Pius DC and who
have continued to maintain that the Blessed Virgin was conceived with the stain of original sin and even personal sins. 1

He calls this the first blasphemy against Mary. He continues:

The Second blasphemy: ... the majority of Protestants (who) also reject the perfect and perpetual virginity of Mary "before, during and after giving birth".

The Third Blasphemy: Although they theoretically accept the Divine Maternity of Mary defined at the Council of Ephesus, they refuse to recognize Her as the Mother of men in the Catholic sense, which implies Her coredemption and Her role as Mediatrix of grace.

The Fourth blasphemy concerns the perversion of children by enemies of Our Lady whereby they strive to inculcate indifference, scorn, or even hatred for the Immaculate Virgin, and the Fifth One by which they outrage Her in Her holy images. These last two sins are only the logical consequence of the first three... the obstinate rejection of Catholic theology on the holy images, is a long way from having disappeared. 2

Here in the Fatima Crusader, in the summer edition of 1995, we have an up-to-date article on not only a defence of Mariolatry and Images; but a statement to the effect, that those who refuse Mariolatry and Image worships are BLASPHEMERS! Yet America is going to be saved by joining with such error. How can any kind of theonomy be set up working with those who break the law of God, and not only break it, but call those who
seek to keep it, BLASPHEMERS! ?

It is interesting to note that the two key Southern Baptists who signed the recent Accord between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics, later withdrew their names. They did this, not because they had charged their minds about the Accord, but because they had received so much flak from certain ministers within the Southern
Baptist Convention

Chuck Colson said that he hoped their step would "eliminate the misunderstandings, and allow us to get on
with the important work of DEFENDING THE TRUTH IN TODAY'S RELATIVISTIC CULTURE" 3 (emphasis
added). This is the great emphasis today: defending the truth in modern culture.

We believe there is an even more important, and more pressing, issue today: defending the truth against the
modern church. Surely this is more important. As Cowper wrote: "when a nation is to perish in its sins; 'tis in the church the leprosy begins."

What is called the "church" today is a great hodgepodge of apostate ministers, idolatrous priests, and those who compromise with them. No culture will ever be saved by an apostate, idolatrous church. Until we recognize this fact, every effort to "Christianize" the culture will be absolutely futile.

Christ calls upon the Laodicean church to repent. This is the call which must go forth today. For until the church
repents of its sins, the culture certainly cannot repent. This generation in America needs to be saved from a lot
more than a relativistic culture. It needs to be saved from a relativistic religion. Even in some of those churches which claim to be biblical there is still a lot of undetected relativism.

For instance, when a church can work together with the idolatrous system of Romanism, is that not treating the
Second Commandment relatively? When some reconstructionists, who would want to be called reformed in
their theology, say it is courage to tell an outright lie in certain circumstances, is this not treating the ninth
commandment as relative and not binding?

As America prepares to enter the third millennium of the Christian era, it is singularly cursed with relativism in
the church, not just in the culture. This accursed relativism is the MAIN REASON why the culture is lost in sin, and why the nation continues to flounder spiritually. There is no way that this nation can ever be helped, while the "church" treats God's inspired ABSOLUTE TRUTH dialectically, or works with those who do.

The visible "church" flounders today, in a bog of little games (like the Promise Keepers), without ever REALLY
addressing its tepid spiritual state before the thrice holy God of the Bible. The grotesque compromise of this generation (in which Bible-believers sign accords with idolaters), is without doubt, one of the MAIN problems which afflicts America today.

In fact, we could say, that of all the problems facing America today, this is undoubtedly the greatest of all. The
compromise of God's people with the great prostitute church of Mystery Babylon religion, is the worst evil
afflicting America today. For every other evil flows from this one.

The Lord Jesus Christ said that if the salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for
the land, nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out. There is only one thing that keeps a culture from total corruption and that is the salt. i.e. Christ's disciples. If these ones lose their savor, which means to become sluggish in mind, or play the fool, they are good for nothing. When the church conies to be identified with idolatry and apostasy, the culture in that nation goes down into total putrefaction. If the true believers then, refuse to separate from this apostate prostitute church, they also lose their ability to preserve the culture. This is the point we have reached in America today.

We are going to have to learn that any old harlot religion will not meet God's holy standard. We cannot join with every religious whore and expect God to, accept us. He will judge us instead.

We believe that one of the main reasons why, some in the Reformed Camp, do not address the evil of compromise, is because of the false idea of theonomy which they have accepted, and which DENIES the rise of Mystery Babylon religion. One does not need to separate from something that is not there.

It is certainly a lot easier on the conscience, and as far as going outside the camp and bearing Christ's reproach is concerned, it is much easier to just say Mystery Babylon religion (Confusion) fell in A.D. 70; so we do not have to worry about it at all in 1996. It is much easier to make common cause with some old whorish religion of idolatry to save America, than it is to take a stand against the harlot religion of antichrist and SEPARATE TOTALLY from her. Until we recognize that this is the COMMAND of Almighty God Himself, there will never be
any trace of a revival of truth and righteousness in our time.

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Chapter 2

The Ambition of the Papacy

The Papacy has never pretended to be out for anything but the absolute control of the world. (Augustine's papal theonomy has now become a Reformed theonomy.) Rome does not attempt to hide the fact that it is the only true "Church" to which all others must return, and which God has ordained should rule the earth both temporally and ecclesiastically.

The strange thing today is that many Protestants seem to think that Rome has now given up her global pretensions. This is why all kinds of ecumenical overtures and dialogues are being pursued, and why accords can be signed. However, some Roman Catholic writers, are still concerned about Rome's political and social ambitions. Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, a Roman Catholic professor of Sociology at the University of Montreal, states:

Papal control over the laity is not an end in itself but rather a means to attain certain goals, some of which are political and economic rather than purely and uniquely religious. Since it is unlikely that the Vatican will abandon in the near future its preoccupation with, economic and political power... it seems rather inevitable that manipulative means of control will continue to be part of the standard operating policies of the Roman Catholic Church. 1

Vaillancourt then gives eight main spheres of operation in which Rome works to achieve the dominion she desires, and which she hopes will enable her to control the world:

1. ECOLOGICAL POWER, which is based on the physical control of material environmental conditions. An example of this is the use of territory, buildings, or real estate to control people.

2. REMUNERATIVE POWER, based on material or nonmaterial rewards or compensations. An example of this is the way Pius XII Foundation uses its funds to support some lay activities and not others.

3. COERCIVE POWER, based on physical or psychic violence. Examples of this are burning at the stake, torture, imprisonment, banishment, blackmail, removal from office, denouncement.

4. SOCIAL POWER, based on the use of structural organizational mechanisms such as Catholic Action congresses, peer-group pressures, rumors, social ostracism, use of the mass media, nepotism and selective recruitment.

5. LEGAL POWER, juridically founded, or simply based on bureaucratic and administrative norms. An example of this is the rule of secrecy. Another is censorship.

6. TRADITIONAL POWER, based on the use of traditional symbols, rituals, ideas, and sentiments. The cementing of loyalty through the Mass of a torch-lit procession would be an example of this kind of power.

7. EXPERT POWER, based on professional, technical, or scientific or purely rational arguments. An example of this would be the recourse to commission experts to bolster one's position. The Pope's speeches and encyclicals would be another example of this kind of power.

8. CHARISMATIC POWER, based on, exemplary or ethical prophecy. Examples of this are calls for social justice and equality used extensively in recent years. 2 We could add at least two other sources of power to
Vaillancourt's eight.  Symbolic Power based on the "sacraments" of Romanism which keep many in submission to the "church." . Spiritual Power by which it holds the deluded masses in check, and also in fear, by teaching the lying fiction of Purgatory.

Because of these powers, which are at work all the time, in countries all over the globe, the Papacy can control large segments of populations, and through this control it can pressure governments to follow the Vatican line. This occurs in many different countries in the world in 1996.

The Papacy, as a monolithic structure, wields enormous clout politically in many countries at the present time. Roman Catholicism, because of its global nature, is eminently qualified to overcome the resistance of almost any government, at any time, on those issues which it raises. It sees itself as the handmaiden of God, and believes its destiny is to fulfill the will of God. It views itself as the millennial hope of mankind. Time means very little to the aspirations of the Papacy. In its timeless effort, it views its opponents as those who temporarily hinder its progress, but who must give way, sooner or later, to the triumph of the Papacy.

As Dr. Walter Montano, the converted Roman Catholic priest noted, Rome regards herself as:

A perfect society, judge in its own cause, omnicompetent and self-sufficient. Anything that furthers its interests political or social, as well asreligious, is considered to be  according to the will of God. 3

It moves through history like a cumbersome giant. Forcing its will when it can; pleading its cause when it cannot. Viewing itself as originated by Christ, calling Peter the first Pope, and viewing all others as enemies at worst, and prospects at best. Never conceding to be in error and viewing itself as the sole repository of the truth. Men may come and go, opponents may come and go, but the church moves on unhindered to its manifest destiny.

The Roman Catholic "church" is like an absolute monarchy. The ecclesiastical hierarchy exercises complete power over the individual. It operates without elections while trumpeting out its deceptive praises of democracy. Only the Pope is elected, but even he must be chosen from the college of Cardinals all of whom are APPOINTED not elected. So it operates an elite closed-shop of only those appointed by their overseers. It rules
according to the model of an absolute despotism with the Pope the supreme despot.

Roman Catholics may oppose the will of their church, and they do in many countries, but that does not make the church democratic, or even representative, nor does it CHANGE its goals or teachings one iota. The "church" recognizes that it may go through lean times in certain countries, but it remains poised to regain control whenever and wherever it can. Poland is a good example of how the church was imprisoned by a government for a time, but soon regained control again. It outlived its communist captors.

This is what makes Rome so unique. This is what destroys all other pretenders. Only Rome can qualify as the
great antichristian usurper and pretender. Other aspirants all fall by their own weight.*

Rome has centered its activities, in a great measure, upon both England and America in the past century. These
were the two most Protestant nations on the earth, and two of the most powerful nations on earth, in the past century or so. Rome has sent more Jesuits to these two countries than any other countries in the world.

One has only to glance at these two countries NOW, to see the great changes which have occurred in them over the past 100 years. These two once-Protestant nations are now well on their way to becoming overrun by the Papacy. They have been subject to an unbelievable amount of Vatican propaganda in this century. This propaganda has had an enormous effect on the Protestant Churches if nowhere else. Even those, who purport to be evangelicals, are now succumbing to the pious platitudes of Rome. In 1975, here in the United States, the Pastoral Plan of Action was set forth by the American Roman Catholic bishops. This pastoral plan (it had very little to do with the pastorate) was set in motion to enable the Roman Catholic "church" to become much more deeply involved in the politics of the United States. The formidable machinery of the "church" was put in gear ostensibly to fight abortion, but really to use the issue of abortion to enable the American Roman Catholic "church" to mobilize politically.

* A rebuilt Babylon in the Middle East can scarcely meet one of the elements of Mystery Babylon. Such elements as drunken with the blood of the saints; the great city which reigns over the kings of the earth; All nations have drunk of her fornication; in her was found the blood of the prophets, and of the saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth; she is the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

Just how well they have succeeded can be seen in the fact that the reconstructionists, the conservatives, the charismatics, some evangelicals, and even the neofundamentalists have all been taken in by Rome's crusade.

This is seen in the resolution passed by the PCA against the Evangelical-Roman Catholic Accord. The PCA stated its case against the works-religion of Roman Catholicism quite clearly but then added at the end:

The Presbyterian Church in America commends the Roman Catholic Church for its principled opposition to some of our national sins and believes that it is altogether proper for members of this church to be co-belligerents with Roman Catholics in these social and political endeavors. 4

This is really a strange statement coming from men who are supposed to know theology. Surely one of the most heinous national sins America is guilty of in this generation is idolatry. In our study Apostasy and Optimism we dealt with how much God's Word has to say about idolatry and the judgments of God which fall upon idolaters. I cannot make common cause with idolaters, for if I do, I bring myself under the judgment of God.

The fundamentalists of the Moral Majority sought to become co-belligerents with Rome. They soon found out that Rome merely used them for its own advantage. One writer pointed out after the rise of the Moral Majority:

None of us who has ever worked extensively with fundamentalist churches, or lived among fundamentalists
ever took the claim that the Moral Majority was a fundamentalist organization seriously. One characteristic
common among fundamentalists is a keen sense of individualism... They strongly resist the "herding" that
characterizes other major denominations such as the Catholic Church...

In contrast, the Catholic Church with its keen sense of organization acquired over a two-thousand-year history, found the organization of the fundamentalists a relatively simple task [to take over] by providing the entire organization infrastructure, including the organization of the fifty autonomous state chapters and the organizations in the 435 congressional districts, with few exceptions. 5

He later added: "The far more experienced and autocratic Catholic Church found the fundamentalists easy prey." 6 Rome has been on the job of either ruling the world, or trying to rule it, for the past 1600 years; so not only were the fundamentalists** of the Moral Majority easy prey, but the charismatics, the evangelicals,
and the reconstructionists as well.

** The use of the word "fundamentalists" here is the popular use. Falwell and his Moral Majority NEVER represented TRUE fundamentalism. Falwell represented Neo-Fundamentalism which refused to accept the strict separatist position of historic

Rome has now used the issue of abortion to become a co-belligerent with those of the Reformed Faith. How tragic that some of our Reformed brethren cannot see the larger issue of papal power and papal manipulation. Rome is working to gain respectability among Protestants. But she has not given up one of her false doctrines, or practices, to achieve her ends.

There is a battle against abortion to be fought today in America, but there is an even larger WAR to be prosecuted against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The war against evil can NEVER be prosecuted, much less won, by joining with those whose allegiance is not to Christ. Those who preach another gospel, the Holy Spirit of God states, are to be ANATHEMA not cobelligerents!

Lehmann noted that the avowed objective of the Roman Catholic "church" was to destroy the political and social order that arose out of the Reformation. He said that Rome's determination since the Reformation, was to replace the Protestant social order with a hierarchical confederation of states, similar to what had existed before Protestantism disrupted the authoritarian order of the medieval papacy.

** fundamentalism and so was able then to work with Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jews, and anyone else to "save" America. We believe that America needs to be saved from Mormonism, Romanism, Judaism and all the other false cults and religions as well, if it is ever to be truly SAVED! And even if America goes down into complete oblivion, people still need to be saved from Mormonism, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, liberal Protestantism and a host of other false religions!

This is also exactly what some theonomists would like to do. They desire to achieve what the papists and the
Jesuits would like to achieve: a return to medievalism and an end of the Protestant Reformation.

Make no mistake, the reason why Rome is now considered a co-belligerent with the Presbyterian Church in America, in their combined "cultural struggle" is because certain men in the PCA have embraced the false idea of medieval theonomy. The impact this pipedream has had upon some Christians enables them to view the GREAT ANTICHRISTIAN APOSTASY of Roman Catholicism as a co-belligerent in their battle to save America; and in doing so to tacitly discard the very thing — the Reformation — that brought their church into existence.

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Chapter 3

The Vatican Network

The Vatican has a worldwide network not only of those connected officially to the Vatican workforce, but millions of loyal sons and daughters all over the world, to carry out her program and plan to take over the world for the Papacy. The Legion of Mary, the Cult of Fatima, and Opus Dei, to name a few, are all out for one thing only, to make the Pope the ruler of the world.

Studies on the Mossad,* the secret police of Israel, show that this organization can count on the help of loyal Jews all over the world. When the Mossad needs help in its assassinations, it can call upon the Jews of that particular city where the assassination is to take place, for information, places to stay, fronts to be set up, money, and contacts, and anything else which is needed to carry out the contract.

Opus Dei works in the same way to further the cause of the Vatican. Opus Dei supplies loyal henchman when
needed to carry out the plans of the Vatican in just about any country of the world except in those states which are totally Islamic.**

* See By Way of Deception, Insider's Portrait of the Mossad by Claire Hoy and Victor Ostrovosky, p. xi.

** It was the chairman of the board of one of the largest companies in America who was the liaison between Gerry Adams of the IRA and President Clinton. He used his powerful political clout to get the representative of a gangster outfit three thousand miles away an audience with the President of the United States. The only real connection between these two men was their Roman Catholic faith.

Opus Dei, of course, works to control a country for the Vatican, using modern means of financial clout and political intimidation rather than assassination. Michael Walsh, who is himself a Roman Catholic, in his work on Opus Dei tells how Opus Dei worked in Spain: "When Opus members controlled the economy of Spain they developed private industry at the expense of the public." 1 The interesting thing here is not what was developed; but the fact that Opus Dei controlled the entire economy of Spain.

Walsh, who at one time was a Jesuit, and is still a loyal son of the "church" also notes that the spirit of Opus appeals to the present Pope. "He can hardly have been indifferent if, as it is alleged, Opus money was sent for the support of Solidarity in Poland." 2

He also states that Opus received funds from conservative U.S. foundations which with money from the CIA, opposed the unions that had brought Allende to power in Chile. He also claims that General Juan Carlos Ongania, dictator of Argentina from 1966-1970 seized power after a religious retreat sponsored by Opus Dei.

He also notes:

the German Catholic aid-agency Adveniat gradually replaced the CIA in the 1970's as the helpmate of military regimes, and that Adveniat was controlled by bishops sympathetic to Opus. 3

He later adds that the Opus-CIA links were documented in the American Journal Mother Jones, July 1983. The Opus, Fatherland, and Liberty, were all fused with Pinochet's secret police, which was CIA funded. The CIA also funded the Chilean Institute for General Studies which was an Opus 'think tank.'

He proceeds to show that Opus of course, denies all such allegations and denies that it has anything to do with
politics. In fact, the organization borders on a secret society for Walsh claims that one of Escriva's "prevailing concerns was that of the secrecy of the organization." 4

Again, though there is no proof for the charge that Opus Dei is involved in assassinations, there have been many questions raised in connection with certain murders. In November of 1985 "a Munich court prevented the
publication of a book which "falsely" alleged that certain Opus members had worked with right-wing death squads in Chile." 5 Some are not so sure that the allegations were false.

Certainly Camilo Torres, a Colombian Roman Catholic priest was shot in February of 1966. Torres was a radical priest, who championed the cause of social justice, in a country dominated by one of the most repressive Roman Catholic dictatorships in the world. The officer, in charge of the brigade which killed Torres, became a general and assisted in editing an Opus-linked magazine in Bogota.

Opus money is also all tied into the IOR which is the Institute for the Works of Religion. This bank began in
1887 as a means of aiding the Vatican enterprises around the world. "It is located inside Vatican City...which puts it outside Italian banking law." 6

Michele Sindona was a consultant to this bank. When he was indicted, and called to testify, he died from drinking poisoned coffee on March 22, 1986., 7 Roberto Calvi, a one time associate of Sindona, the head of the Ambriosano Bank was found hanging under London's Blackfriars Bridge on June 18, 1982. 8

Walsh closes this chapter in his book with this question:

If indeed Opus can dispense large sums, then the fatal visit of Calvi to London may reflect the banker's belief that Opus could bail him out. Both Signora Calvi and his son have claimed that he was expecting Opus to mount a rescue operation. They have said that he was thinking of going to Spain: instead he came to England. Was it because he believed the center of Opus's financial operations was in the City of London? 9

Calvi's death was ruled a suicide but it could well have been murder.

Rome can command an incredible amount of support from all quarters around the globe when it needs help. Richard Hammer in his book The Vatican Connection, even recounts the tale of Marcinkus and the appeal to the Mafia for help in counterfeiting a billion dollars to help out the Vatican in the Sindona debacle. The Mafia was ready to help the Papacy without question.

Even Ronald Reagan was ready to help the Papacy when he could. He said at a speech before the National Catholic Education Association:

I am grateful for your help in shaping American policy to reflect God's will... And I will look forward to further guidance from his holiness Pope John Paul II during an audience I will have with him in June. 10

The involvement of the Papacy in Bosnia and Croatia again shows the power which the Vatican wields. The Vatican was one of the first "states" to recognize the breakaway moves of Croatia from the former Yugoslavia. Then the United States backed up the Vatican in recognizing Croatia. Bosnia was also quickly recognized as a Muslim-governed country even though a large part of the population was Serbian. These hasty moves resulted in a bloodbath with the Serbs receiving most of the blame in the Vatican-dominated press of the western world.

The news media, of course has NEVER once referred to the massacres carried out by Croatia during World War II. The Serbian Orthodox Church, in exile in London, put the number massacred at around 1,200,000. A recent book, written by a Jewish writer, examines the strange case of Kurt Waldheim; former secretary-general of the United Nations, who was in Croatia during the time of the massacres.

Herzstein claims that there are about 3 years missing from the dossier of Waldheim and that little was done to
find out why. He was installed as Secretary General of the United Nations, one of the most powerful positions in the world, a loyal son of the "church" of Rome, without so much as a question about his participation in the Kozara massacre.

Croatia was, and is, an example of theonomy. Here the "church" ruled and massacred for three years. Multiplied
thousands of Serbian Orthodox Christians were massacred during the theonomy of Pavelic. The Roman Catholic
priests were on hand to make forced conversions to set up their idea of the kingdom of God on earth. Those involved in these massacres were shielded from justice by certain people in the American armed forces. Herzstein relates that when the Yugoslavs tried to get their hands on Oskar Turina, the man involved in the Kozara massacre, the Americans stalled. They demanded more evidence against thenotorious Roman Catholic Croatian Ustasha leader.

Herzstein notes:

Finally on April 26, 1948, U.S. authorities informed the Yugoslav mission in Vienna that "Turina had departed from the U.S. Zone of Austria for an unknown destination." If he ever showed up again, the Americans promised, they would be happy to reconsider Yugoslavia's extradition request. In fact, the Americans had helped Turina to make his way to Italy. From there, he left Europe. Some sources claim he
eventually took up residence in Argentina, while others say he settled in the United States. 11

Most of the Nazi war criminals, and the Ustasha murderers, all escaped via Italy, using Vatican supplied passports. It was important that Turina not be turned over to the Yugoslavs for had he been allowed to testify the "Yugoslavs might have learned something they had no idea of at the time — that Kurt Waldheim had been involved in the notorious Kozara deportations." 12

It is nothing short of amazing to read how deeply the tiny Vatican state is involved in so many countries of the world in 1996. The massacres and wars of Rome are still going on in Rwanda and Burundi. Others are just ending in Angola, Mozambique and the North of Ireland. Still others are continuing in Croatia and Bosnia. Rome is deeply involved in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico and indeed just about every country south of the Rio Grande.

As Mumford points out:

The Church, in effect, controls most governments in Latin America and many in Africa, and the Philippines. Authorities in these countries live under constant intimidation by the Church, which can threaten to bring about the downfall of a regime by arousing its citizens. 13

We saw this first hand in Malawi. The president of Malawi when we first went there was a Presbyterian. He was a good leader of his people. Rome did not like his rule. He fought with Rome and expelled 5 Roman Catholic priests from Malawi. But others were there to stir the people up to riot. He has since been deposed.He dared to fight with Rome; and found out that his opponent was much more powerful than he had ever imagined. Rome got the United States to intervene. Dan Quayle came over to Malawi and then reported back, as Rome wanted him to do, that Malawi was not a democracy. So Rome, the greatest opponent to democracy which has ever cursed this planet, was able to dupe the United States into getting rid of her opponent in Malawi.

Rome wants now to control North America as she has controlled South America for so long. In fact, while her hold on South America may be slipping somewhat, her inroads into North America are growing.

Walsh admits that in South America Rome is not in as secure a position as she once was. He outlines the way Rome likes to dominate countries:

In the past, the Catholic Church in many countries, particularly Latin American countries... has been closely involved with the State, appearing to give the State divine authority over those it governed. The presence within a country of a papal nuncio; his attendance, and that of other prelates, at State occasions; State recognition of religious festivals - these and many other signs have demonstrated that the State has the blessing of the Church and that the Church legitimizes the State. 14

This is the future for America if she continues on the road she is now traveling. When Rome makes her claim to
legitimizing the State, as she does in Chile, she also seeks the government's help in making other churches illegitimate. More than 120,000 evangelicals recently marched in Chile protesting the strong-armed repression by the Roman Catholic "church" in that land.

In Brazil, Leonel Franca wrote his most important book The Church, the Reformation, and Civilization in defence
of the counter-reformation and also to attack Protestantism. His book was immensely popular when it first came out, but lost some of its luster, as the poorer classes in Brazil turned more and more toward the "people's churches" and away from the monolithic idea of the Roman Catholic church.

However, as Walsh points out, as the poorer classes became more affected by Marxism, the upper classes became ever more intransigent in their defence of the Roman Catholic church. This is where the strength of Roman Catholicism now lies in Latin America.

The intellectual Roman Catholics of the upper classes in Latin America never viewed the Cold War as a confrontation between east and west; they viewed it, according to De Broucker, as a "confrontation between North and South." 15 With wave after wave of legal, and illegal emigrants, from all over Latin America now swamping North America, it is not difficult to see who is winning in this confrontation today. Latin American irredentism is helping the "church" to take over North America without a shot being fired.

It is interesting to notice the difference between Roman Catholic writers and Protestant writers today. The Roman Catholic writers NEVER apologize for Rome or her authority. Protestant writers on the other hand are always seeking to minimize the very things in which Roman Catholic writers glory.

So while Protestants minimize the Vatican and the power of the Pope, the Roman Catholics always stress the power of the Pope and the Vatican. So while they may criticize certain things about Rome at the present time as
Martin, Walsh, Strojie, and others do, they do not criticize what they believe is the true Catholicism and the true

In fact, Malachi Martin claims away too much for the Pope and the Vatican. He brags on the depth of knowledge that the Papacy has access to, and even attributes the source of that knowledge to something supernatural. He writes:

Further he (the Pope) does not need to use his imagination because, as the man who now sits at the governing center of the universal, age-old and deeply experienced Roman Catholic Church -- and the center of the world's oldest chancery -- John Paul is privy to the closest thing there is in practical terms to racial memory and wisdom. Besides, he has the sources of knowledge and enlightenment denied to ordinary mortals. He is far more deeply aware of plans -in-themaking and of things to come than many a government or managerial body — NEW BORN BABES when compared to the Vatican in memory and experience — that is attempting to direct human affairs along, the paths of evolutionary globalism. (emphasis added) 16

When Martin states that the Pope has sources of knowledge and enlightenment denied to ordinary mortals, he is obviously attributing to the Pope, some kind of supramortal or supernatural knowledge and wisdom which he believes the Pope possesses. So not only does the Pope have access to knowledge, from all over the world through his faithful henchmen, he also has the benefit of supernatural wisdom and enlightenment according to Martin.

Apparently from everything else that Martin writes, and the Pope's personal motto "totus tuus" totally yours, referring to his total devotion to Mary, this supernatural wisdom of the Pope then must come from the immaculate heart of Mary. However, when one studies the bloody history of the Papacy, he might be excused for thinking that any supernatural help the Pope receives comes from a much lower personage. But it is interesting to notice, in the midst of all kinds of changes and decay within Romanism, that the Pope, as a person, is receiving more and more attention and accolades, than at any time since the days of Innocent III.

Malachi Martin certainly sees the trend toward globalism not only in society but in the church. He believes that there can only be ONE MAN who is capable of governing this global church and he is according to Martin, the Pope of Rome. He points out that only Rome has been involved in world affairs for the past 2000 years and that Rome and the Pope do not take this historical pedigree lightly.

Martin states:

It took the papacy and its institutional organization, the Roman Catholic Church, almost the whole of two thousand years to attain, in the concrete order, its status and condition of a georeligion. It took all the ups and downs of 264 pontificates for the political philosophy and goals of that georeligion to be purified and purged of the cultural and civilizational accretions that along the road impeded the development of papal and Roman Catholic geopolitics.

At the close of two thousand years since Paul (the Apostle) expressed the worldview of a genuine georeligion, the 263rd successor to the obscure Great Fisherman reigns and governs in Rome as the titular head of that georeligion housed in a genuinely geopolitical structure. For John Paul II is not only the spiritual head of a worldwide corpus of believers but also the chief executive of a sovereign state that is a recognized member of our late-twentieth-century society of states. With a political goal and structure! Yes, with a geopolitical goal and structure. For in the final analysis, John Paul II as the claimant Vicar of Christ DOES CLAIM TO BE THE ULTIMATE COURT OF JUDGMENT on the society of states as a society. (emphasis added) 17

Many may take Rome lightly today, but Rome does not take herself lightly, nor does she hesitate to intrude anywhere she can get a foothold. As Satan's false church, she counts on the help of the Archdeceiver himself to further her ambitions to take over the world, and put the Vicar of Christ - the Antichrist, as this is what Vicar of Christ really means, the one in place of Christ ~ upon the throne of his desired dominion.

The sad thing is that those Americans whom one would expect to understand the nature of SPIRITUAL WARFARE do not seem to have a clue. As Leonard Ravenhill wrote on another subject to be true, yet just as suited to this one: "we wrestle not." Ravenhill was pointing out that the Christian wrestles not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers etc., but noted pungently that the description of modern Christians could be summed up in the fact that THEY WRESTLE NOT PERIOD! THERE IS NO SENSE OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE AT ALL!

There is only one common thread which binds all of these organizations, operations, countries, and individuals
together: the Roman Catholic "church". This mammoth socio-politico-religious octopus has had its tentacles
around the world for centuries. It is not about to let go in 1996 or any time soon.

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Chapter 4

Repudiating the Reformation in America Today

American public opinion is being increasingly influenced by Jesuit philosophy. What is even more troubling is that the socalled "Christian Right" is also being riddled with Jesuit ideas. The Reformation was a blow to the world aspirations of the Vatican. Since the Reformation, Rome has had one main task to complete: the destruction of the Protestant Reformation. The attack upon the Reformation started immediately in the Papacy. The Council of Trent met to formulate the plans of the Counter-Reformation, a fact, sad to say, most Protestants do not even know today. The Counter-Reformation was spearheaded by the Jesuits.

But some real blows to the Reformation have come from within the ranks of its own churches. As far back as 1820 in England, certain men within the Anglican Church started what was called the Tractarian Movement. The Tractarians bewailed"the Reformation as a blunder."1 In 1867 another English publication called The Reformation "an unmitigated disaster, a change brought about by a conspiracy of adulterers, murderers, and thieves."

On the other side of the issue, Bible-believing Protestants have been warning about the back-to-Rome movement for more than a hundred years. Bishop J. C. Ryle writing in 1868 noted:

"We live in momentous times. The ecclesiastical horizon on every side is dark and lowering. The steady rise and progress of extreme Ritualism and Ritualists are shaking the Church of England to its very center." 2

He also prophetically stated:

"A sapping and mining process has been going on under our feet, of which we are beginning at last to see a little. WE SHALL SEE A GOOD DEAL MORE BY AND BY.* At the rate we are going, it would not surprise me if within fifty years the crown of England were no longer on a Protestant head, and High Mass were once more celebrated in Westminster and St. Pauls." 3

The publishers of Ryle's reprint wrote: "It is solemn to note that on February 2, 1960, a service of Requiem Mass was held for the late Earl of Halifax in Westminster Abbey." 4

The work to tear down Protestantism has gained momentum in the past few decades. In 1977, David Watson said at the National Evangelical Anglican Congress in Nottingham, that the Reformation was "one of the greatest tragedies that ever happened to the church." 5 He believes that God has profound sorrow over such separation of Christ's body.

In 1987, in New Orleans the Charismatics proclaimed:

We knocked the giant (of Protestantism) down in l977 in Notre Dame; we must now chop off his head in 1987 so that disunity among Roman Catholics and the denominations will never appear again. 6

* It is also important to note that Prince Charles has been to see the Pope and has no interest in continuing the Protestant Succession. Since Charles and Diana went to see the Pope their marriage has spiralled out of control. Ryle's prophetic words sadly have been all too well fulfilled in once-Protestant England.

J. I. Packer, who signed the recent Accord, also wants an end to the disunity caused by the Reformation. He writes:

Do I see renewal in the Roman Catholic Church? As a Protestant for whom major elements of official Catholicism represent Christianity skewed, I reply that I do. It is as these... streams of renewal continue to flow, AND HOPEFULLY CONVERGE, that the Catholic Church will give most to the rest of Christendom...
(emphasis added) 7

Very few voices in America have been raised in defence of the Reformation in recent years. Those men who have national exposure on television, have either remained silent, or led the charge against the Reformation.

Dr. Gordon Girod, of the Reformed Christian Hour, was one of the few who did raise his voice in defence of the

He recounted the following incident:

A group of ministers from various Protestant denominations were recently met together. They were discussing the question of mergers among the churches — which is being discussed everywhere of late. One after another spoke favorably of the ecumenical movement aimed at uniting all Christendom in one great world-wide church. But this raised other questions. If it be true that all disunity is sin, then the Protestant Reformation must also have been sin. This is exactly the position Rome has taken through the years: the Protestant Reformation was sin. At last one man raised this question. He asked, "Do you think the Protestant Reformation was sin? 8

Girod then proceeded to lay out the meaning and importance of the Protestant Reformation.
The Reformation means that, especially through Luther and Calvin, the doctrine of personal salvation was recovered from the Bible. This is what we have lost today... Consider the second principle of the Reformation, the authority of the Scripture... This position made Protestantism what it is... What do we find now? The Bible is a fallen oracle in Protestantism... When the Bible is debased, the foundations of the pulpit are shaken. This is what has happened to a major segment of Protestantism. The third principle of the Reformation concerned the real nature of the church... the Reformers sacrificed external unity of the church for truth. They put truth first and unity second. Until we are prepared to accept their scale of values we will never be able to make our way out of the maze of ecumenical confusion. 9

There will be no getting out of the maze of ecumenical confusion on the part of those who follow a theonomic agenda. For that agenda is a repudiation of the Reformation. Girod then goes to the real heart of the whole matter:

 In fact, the whole meaning of Luther's stand is that he possessed a burning passion for truth. When will the men of our generation acknowledge that truth is always primary? If we have not the truth, we have nothing. If we would learn from the Reformation at all we must ask anew this question: How much value do we really put on truth? 10

The answer to Girod's question today would be: not very much at all. Far too many Protestants are content to play into the hands of Rome today, and help her to overthrow what is left of the Reformation in this generation.

Roman Catholic writers have for years been lamenting the tragedy of the Reformation. This tragedy according to the Jesuits, the Roman Catholic writers, and the modern reconstructionists, was the break up of papally controlled Europe. The task, for both the Jesuits, and the reconstructionists, even if it is a long one, is to RECONSTRUCT once again a replica of medieval Europe under the control of the "church."

Both the Jesuits, and the reconstructionists, hope to make the Charismatic Movement, and the political Right in the United States, handmaidens to the ultimate restoration of the "Church" into the place of power and dominion. The ecumenical wing of evangelicalism and ecumenical evangelism are also part of the over-all mix.

Pat Robertson, one of the leaders of the political Right, likes to emphasize his idea of the 'Kingdom Now' which is really only another form of dominion theology or theonomy. Robertson, along with the reconstructionists, may pretend that this is an original idea, but it is really only a repristination of the old Jesuit line.

Rome has always taught that the church is to rule this world. The Jesuits, went everywhere to conquer the world, for the church of Rome, not for Christ. They were the spiritual equivalent of the paratroopers, or the Green Berets, for the Vatican. They are now seeking to reconstruct the glories of medievalism once again. They plan to do this by working to take over America, and then with the power of America behind the Vatican, to take over the rest of the world.**

The Jesuits of the present time are much more ecumenical than their predecessors, but their view of the role, and authority, of the "church" is the same. Malachi Martin, in his book on the Jesuits sings the praises of the early Jesuits, even though he has serious questions about some modern Jesuits.

There was no continent Jesuits did not reach; no known language they did not speak and study, or, in scores of cases, develop; no culture they did not penetrate, no branch of learning and science they did not explore; no work in humanism, in the arts, in popular education they did not undertake and do better than anyone else; no form of death by violence they did not undergo — Jesuits were hanged, drawn and quartered in London; disemboweled in Ethiopia; eaten alive by Iroquois Indians in Canada; poisoned in Germany; flayed to death in the Middle East; crucified in Thailand; starved to death in South America; beheaded in Japan, drowned in Madagascar; bestialized in the Soviet Union. In that first four hundred years they gave the Church ... 243 martyrs...

They lived among and adapted to Chinese mandarins, North American Indians, the brilliant royal courts of Europe, the Hindu Brahmans of India, the "hedgerow" schools in penal Ireland, the slave ships of the Ottomans, the Imamas and Ulema of Islam, the decorum and learning of the Oxford dons, and the multi-primitive societies of sub-Saharan Africa. 11

** We see this in cameo already in Haiti, Croatia, Bosnia, and the North of Ireland where the United States has enforced, or tried to enforce, the Vatican line.

Martin adds that the Jesuits were known as "the Pope's men," and their first main targets were the new Protestant churches of Europe. He says that "Precisely, the vital issue at stake between the (Roman) Catholic Church and the leaders of the Protestant revolt --Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII of England -- was the authority of the Roman Pontiff and the preeminent primacy of his Roman Catholic Church." 12 He then adds: "They Were giants, but with one purpose: the defense and propagation of papal authority+ and papal teaching." 13

What Martin fails to say is that many times the Jesuits were up to the crafty ears in political intrigue. Much of the opposition to the Jesuits was directed against them as a result of their involvement in murders and assassinations, carried out as Martin even admits, to establish the authority of the Pope and the primacy of the papacy.

They did not go to tell people about Christ they went to take over the country for the Pope of Rome. This is their aim today in the United States. It has not changed one iota.

He also fails to note that the Jesuits did not produce anything like what the Protestant Puritans produced in North America. South America is the great monument

+ He now claims that the Jesuits have left this purpose and are pursuing their own agenda, particularly in Central and South America.

to the Jesuits. Yet in 1996, many Roman Catholics in Brazil STILL cannot tell the difference between the sea goddess Iemanja and the Virgin Mary.

Protestant missionaries brought light and hope to millions all over the world, and DELIVERED them from their sea-goddesses and animistic mythology, and the corruption that such pagan superstition brought with it. The Jesuits, for all their zeal and learning, left the pagans very much as they had found them. Their MAIN TASK, as Martin clearly stated:

was to overthrow the Protestant Reformation wherever they could, and to establish the authority of the Pope and the primacy of the Papacy.++ 14

As L. H. Lehmann, the converted Roman Catholic priest noted:

All the efforts of the Roman Catholic Church since (the Reformation) have been directed to the work of Counter- Reformation — to re-establish the political and social order of pre-Reformation times... The political and social order that resulted from the Reformation, both in Europe and America, is regarded by the Roman Catholic Church as pagan and anti-Christian. 15

++It would be almost humorous, if it were not so sad, when one reads about the eye-bulging indignation which some writers have toward the Protestant Ascendancy in Britain. The Protestant Ascendancy is considered an anachronism in this day of ecumenical equality. However, the Primacy of the Papacy which really means the Roman Catholic Ascendancy is considered the very paragon of ecumenism.

The incredible scenario at the present time is that some Protestants, evangelical, Reformed, and Charismatic, are
working with Rome in her efforts at Counter-Reformation. They have been sucked into a theonomic agenda which is an all out attack upon the Reformation.

No one will ever build a perfect state before the return of Christ; and certainly Roman Catholicism and the Pope will NEVER PRODUCE ONE, or HELP TO PRODUCE ONE.

Roman Catholic scholars, such as Malachi Martin, picture the Reformation as a passing thing. According to modern thinkers, writers, religious leaders, the best thing that can now be done is to chop off the head of Protestantism so that the disunity which it brought will never appear among the denominations again. What we have to do now, according to the charismatics, the reconstructionists, the new-evangelicals, Malachi Martin, the present Pope, and other writers, is to RESTORE, RECONSTRUCT, and/or REVIVE the joys and wonders of medievalism once again, and be done with the divisiveness of the Reformation once and for all.

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Chapter 5

Medieval Theocracy

Some theonomists like to sing the praises of medieval times. Their ideal is to return to that golden time when the papacy governed Europe and the "church" ruled the nations. Malachi Martin likes to sing the praises of the middle ages also. He rejoices in the papal theocracy of that era:

During the centuries when European unity was at its height and vibrant, Europeans housed their hopes and
found their believing trust beneath the domes and Gothic spires of the churches they built. They called that whole territory by a kind of family name: Christendom; (Luther rightly called it Popedom) and in the span of just a hundred years --between 1170 and 1270 -- they built eighty cathedrals and major churches, the living symbols of the reality in their lives: the Catholic faith.

Europe's protection was centered on its faith. Its identity was provided in the papacy. The unifying principle of its civilization lay in its common acknowledgement of the primacy of the Pope. 1

David Chilton, a theonomist, also rejoices in the cathedrals Martin praises. So let us look in detail at what the medieval Papal theocracy really produced.

In 1214 Innocent III launched his army of bloodthirsty routiers in his crusade against the Albigenses whom he
believed to be heretical. He addressed himself to all the faithful crusaders exhorting them to "fight strenuously against the ministers of the old serpent." Meaning of course, all dissenters from the papacy, many of whom were true Christians. The murderous band of crusaders certainly heeded his call for at Beziers they massacred "30,000 individuals of every age, sex, and condition." 3

Innocent III was one of the most ambitious Popes who ever served the papacy. He was also one of the most successful and ambitious theonomists in the history of Popedom. He founded the Dominicans, the Dogs of God as they were called in derision, to help extirpate "heresy" which meant of course to kill "heretics."

He was very active in promoting his idea of the "Church." He launched fresh anathemas all the time against "heretics," upheld the abominable practice of auricular confession, and actually worked himself to death to try to stop the rise of independence from the Papacy. 4

His chief goal in life was to establish the absolute supremacy of the Papacy. His pontificate culminated "in the temporal as well as the spiritual supremacy of the Roman See." 5 He asserted without let up, that the Papacy was God's ordained theocracy. Innocent the Third actually attained to a theonomy and what a horrendous theonomy it was! May God save us from such a theonomy in our time!

He took Britain and Ireland away from King John and placed John under the Interdict. When John tried to defend himself he was faced with assassination and war. He had to capitulate to the Pope's demands and he had to deliver a "charter** testifying that he surrendered the kingdom of England and the Lordship of Ireland to be held as fiefs of the Holy See."6

** The Papacy, is at this very writing, trying to undermine the Protestant monarchy in England and to reclaim Britain from Protestantism, and the Protestant Succession, and so fulfill the stipulations of this ancient charter.

He subdued Constantinople in what the Roman Catholic writer Ffoulkes called: "one of the foulest acts ever perpetrated under the garb of religion in Christian times." 7 But his all encompassing ambition was to establish the UNIVERSAL and ABSOLUTE SUPREMACY of the Holy See of Rome. To this end he spent his life. And to this end he perpetrated some of the worst crimes and massacres in recorded history. Zoe Oldenburg describes Pope Innocent Ill's campaign in Beziers in gruesome detail. We merely give excerpts here and there from her description from pages 115 to 121.

The extreme violence of the assault transformed a comparatively peaceful town into a city of the damned, all in a few minutes... In a few short hours the wealthy city of Beziers was a city of bleeding mutilated corpses, and nothing else... 'Kill them all; God will look after His own,' The famous, too famous, remark, attributed to Arnald - Amalric... Whether Arnald had sufficient imagination to coin a phrase of this sort... it remains true that the Crusaders' instructions at the sacking of Beziers do indeed seem to have been 'kill them all.'

After this, we read in the Chanson- 'this' being a really quite amazing outburst of sheer unbridled blood lust, since in order to kill ALL the inhabitants of a major city even the routiers and the most hardened fanatics must have had their hearts in the business to a phenomenal degree... These Crusaders wasted no time singing a Te Deum as had been done at the sack of Jerusalem, and still less in horrified regret at the spectacle of corpses piled up in their thousands - old men young girls, babies mothers, boys, all mingled together... to treat this brutal episode as just another of those atrocities which crop up in war is a critical mistake... *Massacres such as that at Beziers are extremely rare... Even among the worst atrocities which history has to show us through the centuries, massacres of this sort stand out as exceptions... and yet it is the head of one of the leading monastic Orders in Catholic Christendom... Pierre des Vaux de Cernay (who) sees this collective punishment of an heretical city as a PERFECTLY JUST ACT. He rejoices that God willed the town's chastisement -confirmed by the fact that the tragedy had taken place on the feast of St. Mary Magdalene. 8 (emphasis added)

* Moody Press, in a recent book, numbers Innocent III with other great Christian leaders! How far have we gotten from the truth today?
Zoe Oldenburg, who is a Roman Catholic writer, also tells of the work of the Inquisition in her book, Massacre at Montsegur. Certainly after reading her carefully documented work few could praise the 100 years that Malachi Martin lauds with anything approaching his enthusiasm.

In her chapter on the Inquisition she tells that the suppression of heresy became a lot more vigorous from 1233 on. She recounts the General Inquisition which took place on Good Friday at Toulouse in 1235, with many confessions and many arrests. She acknowledges that at Moissac there was an Auto De Fe where 210 victims were executed. She tells of an old lady who was seriously ill and almost blind who was tricked into giving her testimony to a Roman Catholic bishop Raymond du Fauga, thinking she was giving it to a Cathar Bishop. He even encouraged her to be steadfast in her beliefs. When she answered that she would not renounce her faith for that little portion of her life remaining to her, the Roman Catholic bishop revealed his true identity and pronounced her a heretic. Summary judgment was passed upon the old woman who, unable to walk, was thus carried in her bed to Pre-du-Comte, or Count's Field and burned at the stake. Oldenburg then states:

This done, Pelhisson tells us, 'the Bishop, together with the monks and their attendants, returned to the refrectory and after giving thanks to God and St. Dominic, fell cheerfully upon the food set before them.' 9

She then continues:

This story might well have passed for a piece of slander invented by those who disliked the Inquisition. Yet it cannot be doubted, for Pelhisson, as a Dominican, could have had no possible motive for inventing it. All the same, it is so odd that it might have come from a madhouse. The harshness of contemporary ethics cannot wholly explain it, and in any case the principal actor was not a brigand-knight but a bishop. Not even fanaticism can account for a whole group of monks and clergy behaving quite so savagely towards a helpless old woman. Surely, despite her condemnation, she could at least have been left to die in peace, and burnt after her death?... Yet the chronicler rather congratulates the Bishop for his craftiness, and is not, one feels, lying when he refers to the monks' cheerfulness - as they returned to the refrectory toconsume the meal so providentially interrupted. 10

Here is a 20th century Roman Catholic writer trying to come to grips with the Inquisition of her own church. She cannot fathom the sheer depth of fanaticism which motivated them to such acts of cruelty and barbarism.

She later recounts the horrendous massacre at Montsegur of the Perfecti. A massacre which culminated in the mass burning of hundreds of the Cathari in a common fire, the smoke of which blotted out the surrounding hillsides, and sent the stench of burning human flesh right up through the entire valley.

We have by no means exhausted the wonders of this century. At the Synod of Verona in 1184 the Inquisition was formally organized. This was an organization which burned thousands during the first years of its founding. Many innocent people were burned at the stake on the terrified testimonies of others who named them to escape themselves. Oldenburg recounts this in her chapter on the Inquisition.

Still in this glorious century of the building of all those wonderful cathedrals (which David Chilton loves because
they have stood for centuries) Innocent IV issued his infamous Bull De Extirpanda in 1252 in which he stated that accused persons under the questioning of the "holy" inquisitors "should be tortured, not merely to induce them to confess their own heresy, but also to compel them to accuse others."11

When one studies the history of the Waldenses he again runs into that wonderful century of Martin's and that golden age of Innocent III. The doctrines of the Waldenses were spreading throughout Europe when Innocent (never was a name so badly chosen except perhaps by Loyola when he called his outfit the Society of Jesus) the most bigoted of all popes determined to crush out the Waldenses — exterminate the whole pestilential race - were his kind and Christian words. The commission he gave to the authorities was"to burn the chiefs of the Vaudois, to scatter the heretics themselves, confiscating property, and consigning to perdition every soul who dared to oppose the mandate."12

Joining with him was Dominic, the father of the Inquisition who came up with that inexecrable dictum of Rome that "it was a crime against God and the Church to keep faith with heretics." 13 Two greater rascals have never had so much power in this world with perhaps the exception of Hitler and Mussolini. But then these two also were regarded by the Popes as defenders of the faith.

Peter Waldo was hounded from post to pillar and finally ended up in Bohemia where he died in 1179. That was the same year in which his beliefs were denounced at an ecumenical council of Rome.

His beliefs demonstrate that the powers that be in 1179, contrary to Malachi Martin's opinion, were far removed from the gospel. Here is a brief summary of Waldo's beliefs for which he and his followers were persecuted and massacred by Rome for 7 centuries.

1. The Holy Scriptures are the source of faith and religion without regard to the authority of the fathers and tradition.

2. They hold to all the articles of the Apostle's Creed.

3. They reject all temples, vestments, images, crosses, pilgrimages worship of holy relics, and the Roman

4. They reject the papal doctrine of purgatory, and prayers for the dead.

5. They admit no indulgences, nor confessions.

6. They deny the real presence of Christ in the bread and the wine.

7. They denounce Rome as the "whore of Babylon," and deny obedience to the papal domination and vehemently repudiate the notion that the pope has any authority over other churches, or has any civil or ecclesiastical sword. 14

Is it not wonderful to discover these true believers who would have nothing whatsoever to do with that murderous papal theonomy? But who were hunted, burned, massacred, and persecuted because they would not recognize the dominion of the papacy.

The persecutions of the Waldenses continued for hundreds of years. Even when certain Protestant nations after the Reformation appealed to the Dukes of Savoy to stop their persecution, they did not.

In 1655 the persecutions raged again and this time the Protestant powers of Europe intervened otherwise a "complete annihilation of the Waldenses would have been the result." 15 John Milton was stirred by the cruel treatment these Christian people received at the hands of the Pope. He got Oliver Cromwell to issue a warning to the bloody persecutors which made them pull back from their gory task of decimating the Waldenses. Europe has certainly had many holocausts, carried out by Rome, but you would never know it by reading modern history books.

The peaceful century of Malachi Martin was also shattered in Ireland. In 1291 when the Provincial Chapter met in June in Cork, tension between two factions exploded into violence. Of this incident, the Worcester annalist, the best source, narrates baldly, according to J A Watt, "that the Irish friars came armed with a papal bull  (unspecified and not traced); a dispute having arisen concerning this, they fought against the English friars; and after many had been killed and wounded, the English at length gained the victory." 16

The scandal of the battle of the friars brought the English Minister-General to Ireland but he solved nothing. Conflict was to break out again in "particularly virulent form later." 17

It is not only in the persecutions and massacres, which dominated the European scene in the Middle Ages, but also in the pathetic religion of the times that the real darkness of these times is seen in all its stark reality. Religion was little more than a hideous nightmare throughout most of Europe before the Reformation.

Bishop J. C. Ryle describes the spiritual condition of England before the Reformation with these words:

John Hooper was born in 1495 and died in 1555...The sixty years of his life take in one of the most eventful periods of English history. It would be IMPOSSIBLE TO EXAGGERATE the difference there was between England in 1495 and the same England in 1555. In a religious and moral view, the country was turned upside down. When Hooper was born, the English Reformation had not begun, and the Church of Rome ruled England undisturbed. When he died, the Reformation had struck such deep root, that neither argument nor persecution could overthrow it. (emphasis added)

Ryle then gives several proofs for this conclusion.

(a) Before the Reformation, one leading feature of English religion was DENSE IGNORANCE. There was among all classes a conspicuous absence of all knowledge of true Christianity. A gross darkness overspread the land, a darkness that might be felt. Not one in a hundred could have told you as much about the gospel as we could now learn from any intelligent Sunday School child...

(b) But this is not all. Before the Reformation, another leading feature of English religion was SUPERSTITION OF THE LOWEST AND MOST DEGRADING DESCRIPTION. Of the extent to which this was carried few, I suspect, have the smallest idea... The blind led the blind, and both fell into the ditch. In a word, the religion of our ancestors, before Hooper's time, was little better than an organized system of Virgin Mary worship, saint worship, image worship, relic worship, pilgrimages, almsgivings, formalism, ceremonialism, processions, prostrations, bowings, crossings, fastings, confessions, absolutions, masses, penances and blind obedience to the priests. It was a grand higgledy - piggledy of ignorance and idolatry, and service done to God by deputy. (emphasis his) 19

Ryle then gives several examples of the gross impostures by which the ignorant and superstitious people were bilked out of their money by the trickery of the priests. According to him, the vial of blood which was supposed to be Christ's was actually the blood of a duck which was changed every week to keep it fresh. The face of a statue which was supposed to change miraculously from stern to relaxed to smiling according to the offering which was given, whether copper, silver, or gold, was found to have been manipulated by wires from behind, by the priest.

(c) One thing more yet remains behind. Before the Reformation another leading feature of English religion was WIDESPREAD UNHOLINESS AND IMMORALITY. The lives of the clergy, as a general rule, were simply scandalous, and the moral tone of the laity was naturally at its lowest ebb... The consequences of shutting up herds of men and women in the prime of life, in monasteries and nunneries, were such that I will not defile my reader's minds by dwelling upon them. (emphasis his) 20

Ryle then concludes this section in his work by stating:

I want English people to understand from what the Reformation delivered us. Before we make up our minds to give up Protestantism and receive back Popery and monasticism, let us thoroughly understand what was the state of England when Popery had its own way. My own belief is that never was a change so loudly demanded as the Reformation, and that never did men do such good service to England as Hooper and his fellow labourers, the Reformers. In short, unless a man can disprove the plain historical facts recorded in the pages of Fox, Fuller, Strype, Burnet, Soames, and Blunt, he must either admit that the Pre-Reformation times were bad times, or be content to be regarded AS A LUNATIC! (emphasis added) 21

But Ryle is certainly not alone. Some dismiss his observations because they regard him as biased toward the Protestant Reformation. So it is instructive then to read the modern Harvard scholar as he describes the religion in France in the Middle Ages. A. N. Galpern writes as follows:

The importance that most men and women attached to their own funeral rites helps to show that (Roman) Catholicism at the end of the Middle Ages was in large part a cult of the living in the service of the dead. 22

He then spends eight pages telling of the prayers for the dead, the masses that were to be said for the dead, the lighting of candles for the dead, and the involved instructions that were to be followed for days, months, and even years if the dead person had been rich enough to buy such services from the church. He recounts how the saints and the Virgin Mary were called upon continually for help.

The saint's superabundance of merit enabled them to intercede with God for the living and the dead, and filled the treasury from which the Pope drew indulgences... All the attributes of the saints were united in the person of the Virgin. Every testator invoked her by formula, as "the glorious Virgin Mary," but some were more precise and intimate. To the squire Nicolas Goujon, who used the chivalric idiom, she was "his well-beloved mother Mary dame and mistress."... Even if a Christian could not be certain of an immediate welcome to the community of saints on high, he could have faith that Mary's gentle hand would guide him through purgatory and toward the ultimate goal. 23

He also recounts one of the pilgrimages which were undertaken periodically by the faithful in these days.

A company of men who had gone on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1532 made their last stop of the return trip at Voulton, fulfilling a vow. Everywhere townspeople venerated small statues of the Virgin in niches of buildings and on street corners. One Pieta stood at the end of the alley in Troyes known as the rue de la Chausson. According to a Protestant observer the statue was ordinarily dressed in silk clothes. Especially on Sundays, a lamp burned before it. "Great and enormous idolatries were committed there daily." Truly every (Roman) Catholic was a ward of the Virgin. 24

When one reads this catalogue of ritualism and idolatry, and the gross darkness of the people, how could he not be thankful for the Reformation? Yet there are multitudes of ministers, scholars, and church leaders who want to return us to this hideous spiritual darkness and to these unscriptural and antiscriptural practices, in America today. May God deliver us from a return to medievalism. May He deliver North America from the primacy of the Pope, from the reconstructionism of the Jesuits, and from the renewal of the charismatics, is our pietistic prayer!

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Chapter 6

The Jesuit Theonomy

This recent Evangelical-Roman Catholic Accord is just one more step in a long line of dialogue and betrayal. The amount of ecumenical activity today is absolutely staggering. The drive to unite "Christendom" (really  Popedom) has been greatly accelerated in the past few years.

However when one examines the participants closely he will see that the unity aimed at is NOT the unity of John 17 but the unity of Revelation 17. The great blasphemies and errors of the Papacy have all been tied into Mystery Babylon the Great by almost every biblical commentator who has ever lived.

Certainly the Reformers viewed the Papacy as Antichrist and IT WAS THIS VERY VIEW WHICH LED THEM, and those who followed them, in their REVOLT from Rome. As we have pointed out, in more detail, in our other study Antichrist and Optimism, THERE COULD HAVE BEEN NO REFORMATION AT ALL if the Reformers had accepted the novel ideas of the modern Reconstructionists.

In fact the Reformers could not have been reconstructionists in their theology for they set about to DELIBERATELY WRECK the papal theocracy of the Middle Ages, the very ideal of modern theonomists both Jesuit and Reformed.

If they had not been at least, partially successful in deliberately shattering the evil theocracy of the Papacy, WE
WOULD ALL BE IN THE DARK AGES STILL! Why can otherwise intelligent men not see this truth today?

The papacy pretends to be the great defender of human rights and democracy in the world today but is in fact, still the great enemy of the truth that it has been for centuries. We know that a lynch mob is a democracy in action, but we also recognize that the constitution of the United States is one of the best documents which man has produced.

Rome of course does not agree. Reconstructionists do not agree either. The Reconstructionists, like Pat Robertson and others, want to set up a theonomy in the United States. Rome's idea of the church ruling in the middle ages, is very similar to Pat Roberston's desire now to have the church ruling in the United States.

We believe that man is a depraved sinner so no theonomy can be achieved. The Constitution of the United States while not being perfect nevertheless has checks and balances built in to it, which is about the best that man can hope for before the return of Christ. Certainly, the Constitution of the United States should NEVER be bartered away for a Jesuit-sponsored theonomy.

Rome hates the Constitution of the United States and has shown that, in various attacks on it, both open and subtle. Certainly the most open one which we have read was in the Jesuit Magazine, "America."

An Irish Roman Catholic priest said:

The honest fact is that I just don't understand the reverence, not to say adoration, which every body here seems to pay to the "Americun Constitooshun." I want to hear some American get up and shout: "Give us justice. Give us decency. And to hell with the American Constitution. 1

The bald faced deception of Rome is indeed a marvel to behold. Here was a priest pretending to care about decency and justice and he had just come from a country whose own constitution set up the Roman Catholic Church in a place of privilege and treated all Protestants as second class citizens.

This is always the problem with any kind of theonomy. Who determines the meaning of decency and justice and even more importantly; the meaning of truth? Malachi Martin shows us who he thinks can determine the truth for us. He says of Pope John Paul II:

It sets them apart (all those who believe in democratic principles) from the Holy Father, because democratic principles cannot take precedence over divine revelation... it is axiomatic for John Paul that no one has the right — democratic or otherwise -- to a moral wrong; and no religion based on divine
revelation has a moral right to teach such a moral wrong or abide by it. 2

This is the same position the reconstructionists also take today. Rushdoony claims error has no rights. The only
trouble with such a position is: who determines who is right and who is in error?

The very pope who teaches that no one has a democratic right to a moral wrong certainly believes that he has a papal, and autocratic right, to a moral wrong which is just as bad or EVEN WORSE than a democratic right! He practices Mariolatry and idolatry which are heinous moral wrongs to Bible-believing Protestants. His "church" not only teaches these morals wrongs, but also teaches officially under an archbishop's Imprimatur, that those who oppose these moral wrongs are blasphemers!

Mariolatry is nothing but idolatry. It is a breaking of God's holy moral Law as it is given in the second commandment. So the very man who wants to determine for me, what is morally right and morally wrong, is completely at sea himself. He engages in breaking God's second commandment every where he goes on earth, thus inviting God's righteous judgments down upon him, and his followers, for three and four generations! If God's REVELATION is true!

We add those last words advisedly. For while the Pope speaks piously of divine revelation taking precedence over democratic principles, he engages in the worship of Mary every where he goes, thus rejecting divine revelation himself. Rome categorically rejects the second commandment; thus rejecting divine revelation. Many modern Christians also learn the second commandment in this way: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. They leave out the DIVINE REVELATION of God's righteous judgment upon idolatry and the truth DIVINELY REVEALED that this continues to the third and fourth generation of idolaters. HOW MANY "CHRISTIANS" REALLY BELIEVE THIS TODAY?

Idolatry brings with it the judgment of God for three or four generations. Therefore it is exceedingly difficult to right the ship of State when idolatry flourishes in a nation. And it is impossible to have any kind of "theonomy" when idolaters are an integral part of the plan to try to inaugurate it.

Why can those who want to work with Rome, to set up the kingdom of God on earth, not see that God's Word is directed FIRST to God's people? We cannot even get the church right today much less society. If those, who are in God's true church, as I am sure Packer, Bright, Colson, and Pat Robertson would all claim to be, why do they then work with idolaters to set up the kingdom of God on earth? If these great Christian leaders wink at idolatry and mariolatry, and purgatory, thus in essence throwing out the second commandment of God's law which deals with idolatry; and throwing out the ninth commandment which deals with lying; (Purgatory is one of the greatest lies ever told) how in the name of truth could anyone ever get a nation right. If men, like J. I. Packer and Bill Bright, who have studied the bible all their lives, cannot even take God's holy law seriously, how can any society ever take it seriously, and be governed by that law?

Roman Catholicism is an idolatrous religion and as such invites the judgment of God upon it as REVEALED in the second commandment. Therefore the only thing that Rome will produce, despite her anti-abortion rhetoric, is the judgment of God upon anybody or any nation, who becomes subservient to her idolatrous religion.

As we move toward the twenty-first century we have many strange ideas and strange bed-fellows floating around. The Roman Catholic idea of theonomy is much the same as the Reformed idea of theonomy. In certain teachings they are exactly the same.

Rushdoony and North both advocate the telling of lies if it is in a good cause. Their position is exactly the same as the Jesuits. The telling of lies in a good cause is the standard Jesuit position on lying. The championing of Jesuit casuistry by the modern Reformed theonomist is just another proof of the strange mixtures which are out there today in the modern "church."

G. Gordon Liddy was trained by the Jesuits at Fordham. He believes in the Jesuit teaching that the end justifies the means. In fact, his part in the Watergate break-in was justified on this very basis. The sad thing is that such Jesuit ideas are now being promulgated by those who claim to be Evangelical and Reformed.

The Jesuit teaching on lying is given by the old Jesuit instructor Gury; here is how he taught it:

Florine makes this confession:

I have lied, but I
did not believe I was sinning, because I was constrained by a very grave motive; it was to excuse my cousin, and save him from severe chastisement.

Question. Can Florine be excused from sin, and is her action commendable?

Answer. She ought to be excused from the sin of lying... Moreover she has acted well... because it is sufficient, in order to be meritorious, that the end in view should be good in principle... Do not say that an
object materially bad is opposed to the divine will; because though it is opposed to the primary divine will,
it is not opposed to the secondary one... God indeed, by his consequent will, wants man to do what he feels uncontrollably obliged to do. 3

In this piece of Jesuit casuistry we see, that the end justifies the means, and that God's revealed will is set aside, and an appeal made to his consequent or secret will. We also note that if a depraved man has the urge to do, what he uncontrollably feels he is obliged to do, that this is all right and that God wants him to do this.

This is what puzzles William F. Buckley, Jr., who is a "conservative" Roman Catholic. He demonstrates that the casuistry of the Jesuits is still going strong today.

William F. Buckley, Jr., noted in his syndicated column, that the Rev. Charles Curran was forbidden to teach Roman Catholic theology at a Roman Catholic University. Buckley wrote that when Curran was teaching courses on morality he had presented the idea of "proportionate reason." Buckley wrote:

Unless we laymen have missed something, that (proportionate reason) means that if the girl is devastatingly attractive, it is more understandable if you take her to bed. Under the doctrine of proportionate reason we would be entitled to assume that pedophile priests who traveled unchecked, especially in the archdiocese of Santa Fe, are to be understood...because of the irresistible attraction to them of young boys, even as the bishop who was supposed to protect his flock, and his religion, was fornicating away, though perhaps he desisted during Lent. *

Buckley finds it particularly distressing that the religious group to which he belongs, not only will not really address the issue of sodomy, which is rampant among its own priests, but that some would actually try to justify it on the basis of the Jesuit casuistry of "proportionate reason." Buckley apparently is seemingly unaware that "proportionate reason" is just a new term for an old Jesuit trick: directing the intention, the central issue of which is to make sinning easier on the conscience.

The Jesuit use of "directing the intention" and "mental reservation" were both exposed by Charles Hodge in his
theology. The Jesuits have used various subterfuges to justify the most vicious crimes, and sins, in the past; and to cover up their evil intentions in the present.

Lying in a good cause is not the only idea the theonomist has gotten from the Jesuits. He also has got the idea of using force to overthrow governments, which the Jesuits conspired to do in England.

Bellarmine the Jesuit wrote:

It is not permitted to Christians to tolerate an infidel or a heretical king if that king tries to lead his subjects into heresy or infidelity; but it is the Sovereign Pontiff, who has the care of religion... It is the sovereign Pontiff who should judge if the king must be deposed or not. If Christians have not formally deposed Nero, Diocletian, Julian the Apostate, Valens, Arian etc., IT IS BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH! (emphasis added) 5

This is what North teaches. Naive twentieth-century Christians may think that such teachings originated from the modern theonomists but they did not. Such teachings originated from the Jesuits and were promulgated to help the dark idolatrous system of the bloody papacy to take over the world.

The Jesuits have come a long way indeed in this generation in America. A recent sports telecast, in which Boston College was one of the teams, referred to them as the great Jesuit school in the northeast. The Jesuits have gained complete acceptance where they were once despised. They have been able in the past generation, to foist their ideas of the rule of the church into the very heart of America today. The theonomists, wittingly, or unwittingly, have helped to make the teachings of the Jesuits acceptable to a large section of the Reformed camp in America today.

The question which MUST be asked and answered remains: can any real theonomy -- THE RULE OF GOD'S LAW -- be built with the help of those who break God's law? How can any system of government, based upon the law of God, be built by those who repeatedly break the very laws upon which the system is supposed to stand?

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Chapter 7

Jesuit Theonomy and the State

Perhaps some need to rethink their wholehearted acceptance of Jesuit theonomy before they are completely overwhelmed by it. As the various Roman Catholic priests are being charged as pedophiles, and perverts, it is interesting to note what is happening in many of the subsequent court proceedings.

The Jesuits have taught for centuries that an "ecclesiastic" has the RIGHT to escape trial by the civil courts of the land. This Jesuit teaching is being pushed hard at the present time in Canada and the United States. The Jesuits maintain that an "ecclesiastic" is not subject to trial by state courts.

The Jesuit Gury spelled out in detail more than one hundred years ago the Jesuit position on state law. He wrote:

Quest. Are ecclesiastics obliged to obey civil laws?

No; not the laws in force which are contrary to their profession, or to their sacred canons.

Ferdinand de Castro Palao said no less clearly: An ecclesiastic, as such, being exempted from lay jurisdiction, it follows certainly that he cannot be condemned by a lay judge.

Busenbaum: The clergy being exempted by divine right from civil authority, civil laws cannot bind them directly or by compulsory force; it follows that the secular (law) cannot punish them.

Dicastille: that the clergy must be exempted from lay authority even in temporal things, is evident, because
nobody is under subjection to one who has no jurisdiction over him... They are exempted from the lay power, not only by canonical, civil, and human rights, but also by divine rights. 1

This is the reason why many Roman Catholic priests, now charged with sodomizing young boys all over Canada
and the United States, are kept from coming to trial. The "Church" teaches, and believes, that the civil courts do not have any jurisdiction in this matter. According to the "Church" the particular overseers can deal with this matter.

If it were not for the so-called secular state NONE of these priests would ever be tried for their alleged crimes. Some obviously have been tried in various places, but many more have thus far escaped court trials and public
disclosures of their evil doings.

Lindsey Tanner wrote an article for the Associated Press entitled "Catholic Church investigates pedophile
Priests." In this article it was pointed out that:

in 1988, the bishops' conference issued a national policy recommending that dioceses follow CIVIL LAW and remove priests from parishes when complaints arise. 2

This, of course was only a recommendation, many dioceses are still stonewalling as of this writing. The stalling tactics by the local Roman Catholic Diocese here in Altoona, are in sharp contrast to how Protestant ministers fare when they run afoul of the law. The local cases dealing with Roman Catholic priests, who allegedly have sodomized young boys, have all been sealed from the public. However, a Lutheran minister was arraigned publicly for allegedly passing out obscene materials to minors. There was no one with the power apparently, to keep his case from the public even though his crime was not as serious as sodomy.

God has ordained the STATE not the church, to execute the law. The State has the responsibly to punish evil-doers and uphold the law. The Jesuits put the Roman Catholic priest above the law of the land. They have worked, and are now working, to get the State to join forces with their apostate religion, to shield the law-breaking priests of Rome

The sealing of the indictments here in Pennsylvania of Roman Catholic priests, who have sodomized young altar
boys, furnishes us a very up-to-date view of how theonomy DOES NOT WORK! The men bringing these suits, were only young boys when the alleged abuse took place. In the face of the stonewalling tactics of the Diocese, allowed by the state courts, they are, one by one, dropping the suits. Some of them have gone on record as saying that they want to get on with the rest of their lives. They cannot keep waiting for trials which never occur.

The local case involving one of these priests has remained sealed to the public, causing several related articles to appear in the Altoona Mirror. The reporter covering the case has asked several times why the public cannot get access to what is going on behind closed doors. No answer has been forthcoming as of this writing.

The Diocese has maintained right along the Jesuit position: the State has no jurisdiction over the church records concerning the accused priest. So it has refused to give the courts, and the prosecuting attorney, access to records relating to the case. Several times the court applied for the records only to be turned away each time.

The strange tactics of Rome demonstrate what happens when "ecclesiastics" believe they are above the law. Rome believes that the state only receives its legitimacy from the "church." Therefore the priests are not subject to civil law.  This is a cameo of theonomy.

All this proves that in Pennsylvania, we still need the secular state to protect our children from the predatory priests out there prowling for them. For if the "church" ruled here; it would be even worse than it is now. At least at the present time, the possibility still remains, that those religious people who break the law, might still be called to account for their actions. Think of what it would be like if the Roman Catholic dioceses had more power than they already have.

The State is ordained of God and has an important function to fulfill in the overall government of God. This is especially true when an apostate religion seeks to dominate the state.

The State, which punishes evildoers and upholds the law, is ordained of God; idolatrous religion is REBELLION against God. It makes for a corrupt society whenever an idolatrous and apostate religion is so entwined with the government, as in some Latin American countries, as to render the state incapable of upholding the law.**

** In a documented case scores of workers were paid and then gunned down mercilessly after the nut harvest was over in rural Brazil. As of this writing more street children have been gunned down and cleared off the streets by the police. The church has the backing of the government to keep family planning information from the people. So the excess people are cleared off the streets by government sponsored death squads when important dignitaries come to the city. Abortion is not the only way to kill unwanted children. You can gun them down too.

Henry Alford had an interesting observation on the restraint of evil mentioned in II Thess. 2:7. Many modern writers take the restrainer mentioned in this passage to be the Holy Spirit. The older writers usually took the word translated "restrain" to refer to the power of the Roman Empire. Alford believed that it signified the God-ordained state which helps to restrain evil. So that when the state breaks down in its God-appointed role justice disappears.

Alford wrote:

As the Fathers took them (katechon -- the Greek term for the power which holds back evil, and katechoon -- the Greek word for the person who restrains evil) of the Roman Empire and Emperor, standing and ruling in their time, repressing the outbreak of sin and enormity, — so we have been taught by history to widen this view, and understand them of the FABRIC OF HUMAN POLITY, and THOSE WHO RULE THAT POLITY, by which the great up-bursting of godlessness is kept down and hindered... seeing that as often as these outbursts have taken place, their course and devastations have been checked by the knitting up again of this fabric of temporal power: seeing that this power wherever the seeds of evil are most plentiful, is strictly a COERCIVE power, and that there only is its restraining hand able to be relaxed, where the light and liberty of the Gospel are shed abroad: seeing that especially has this temporal power ever been in conflict with the Papacy, restraining its pretensions, modifying its course of action, witnessing more or less against its tyranny and its lies. (emphasis his) 3

As Alford noted: it is only where the gospel has made a great impact that the coercive power of the state can be relaxed. So that only in Protestant countries can any real liberty be experienced. For those who believe, and receive the gospel, have disciplined themselves. Wherever a people have not come under the influence of the true gospel all kinds of state power is needed to curb evil. As the idolatrous religion of Roman Catholicism
comes more and more to the fore in the United States today, more and more laws are needed to try to stem the tide of iniquity that a lawless, idolatrous, religion ALWAYS PRODUCES!

Alford also rightly saw, that the Inquisition which Rome inflicted upon the world for five centuries would have still been going on in his day, had not certain states finally got enough power to stop the "church's" torture, massacre, and murder. Only as states emerged from the long, dark, night of medievalism, were they finally able to get enough strength to stop the juggernaut of the Spanish Inquisition, which had been spawned by the theonomy of idolatrous Romanism.

As Bishop J. C. Ryle cried out: why in the world would any one want to go back to Popery after enjoying the blessings of Christ? Is it because these people have never really enjoyed the blessings of the gospel that they can so easily go back to popish bondage?

Ryle's words need to be printed up in the Senate of the United States, in the Oval Office, in the House of
Representatives, and in all the offices of these befuddled evangelicals today: "Let us think twice before we help to bring back the reign of Popery."4

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Chapter 8

Realism or Surrealism

Is America headed for Revival? For a spiritual reconstruction? Or is it headed down into even deeper apostasy? Certainly no one can answer such questions glibly or categorically. There are some good signs here and there. There are some bad signs in other places. So to try to even hazard a predictive guess is not an easy matter. There are really only two possible future scenarios for the Christian as far as America is concerned: 1. America is
going to be reconstructed by the Christian Coalition and when fully Christianized will then begin the task of Christianizing the world. Or, 2. The apostasy and spiritual declension will continue and the country will sink further into Romanized paganism, and at some point the Lord will return to claim His Church.

Very few people see America going down into total apostasy. Ever those who are now looking for the Lord's Return also are looking for a revival and a return to biblical Christianity. Many are praying to this end. It is interesting to note that Joseph Mede, writing in 1627 in his The Key of Revelation, put forth the idea that Gog and Magog did not represent Russia and the northern Asiatic kingdoms but rather represented North America. He believed that North America would rise up to battle the saints. He proceeded to state that the American coalition would lose:

They shall not succeed and prosper in their attempts; they shall not be able to hurt the church and city of God, but shall be destroyed in an extraordinary manner, by fire from heaven. 1

It is surely quite remarkable that this man, (writing first in Latin) could have foreseen what he calls "this new apostasy and rebellion against God and His Christ." 2 For when he was writing North America was primarily Puritan and Protestant. Whether Mede knew something no one else did, or merely hazarded a guess, one thing is certain: America is indeed characterized by apostasy today. Without a doubt there is a superficial Protestantism which sees nothing wrong with the idolatry of Romanism or the garbled sounds of tongues. Rome now claims some 60 million adherents in the United States of America and about 15 million adherents in Canada.

Is there any real opposition to the gross idolatry which these 75 million people represent in North America today? No, there is not. The few who do oppose Rome today and seek to witness to the truth, as it is in Christ, and against the idolatries and errors of Rome, are looked upon as the lunatic fringe by North American society.

One of the more ominous signs in America today is the resurgence of Roman Catholicism. It is not so much that Rome is growing through immigration and large families, but that Rome has now been welcomed into some evangelical circles officially. When Protestantism lost its biblical basis and became liberal it lost its ability to refute Romanism and to set forth the truths of the Scriptures. It became totally apostate.

Eric Bogosian in his book Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll gives his view of American culture today. It is very interesting to notice the parallel that can be drawn from his description of America today and the church in America today.

Bogosian wrote:

As a nation we sit at a huge rock concert singing along to some well-known anthem of cloying sentiment. We love the feeling, the togetherness, the righteousness of the cause. As we watch the evening news or read the daily tabloids, we are shocked together, we are pleased together, we are entertained together, we are saddened together. Unfortunately, when the concert is over, we get back in our cars, drive home, and go to bed. Its only rock and roll. 3

This paragraph could just as easily be applied to the religious scene in America today as well. In many a church
we sit at a huge religious concert (even with rock music) singing some well-known modern me-too song. We love the feeling, the togetherness, the righteousness of our cause. We watch the evening news, read the daily papers, and a few church magazines, we are shocked together, pleased together, entertained together, and saddened together. But when the service is over, we get back in our cars, drive home, and go to bed. Its only a church service.

It was C. H. Spurgeon who wrote that Calvin and Luther did not merely go home and put on their night caps and go to bed and hope that things would be better in the morning. They challenged the powers of darkness openly. Their main challenge, believe it or not, (in spite of Montgomery Boice and a host of others just like him) was issued against Roman Catholicism.

They fought with the beast of Papal Theonomy to liberate Europe and the world from such a persecuting dominion. Had it not been for them and others like them we would all still be dominated by an outrageous Vatican theonomy. It is difficult to get this truth across today in America. The cacophony of voices ignorant of church history drown out the truth. On top of these the education that most people receive today is from Hollywood and rock musicians all of which are guaranteed to addle the brain and make godly thinking impossible.

The North American "church" has been deeply influenced by Hollywood, which no matter what else may be said, is decidedly antichristian in its outlook and in its productions. North American "church" people are also sunk deeply in the mire of modern music with its decidedly brothel beat.

When you add the bad influence of the false church; the poor influence of men who know, the truth but have compromised it for one reason or another; the garbled influence of those involved in the charismatic movement which, Associated Press religion writer Briggs claimed, brought about the involvement of evangelicalism with Romanism; you will find that there are very few salutary influences reaching "church" people in this generation in North America. Let us face it honestly, the influence of biblical truth is very, very, limited in this generation.*

* We see this played out personally in our school. Most of our students come from biblical backgrounds but we get some who come whose chief influences have been like those described above. They usually end up leaving for they do not appreciate biblical truth. They cannot bring themselves to believe that the MAJORITY of professing Christians in this generation are completely under the spell of wrong and bad influences. It boggles their minds to find out that some teachers actually believe that idolatry is wrong and compromise with idolatry is also wrong!

For that reason there is very little knowledge of Protestant church history for where there is little biblical truth there is also little in the way of historical truth.

The tragedy of this hour in America is the gross ignorance of millions of men in the church concerning church history in general and the martyrs of the Reformation in particular. At a recent men's retreat, where there were close to 100 men gathered, I asked how many knew who Latimer and Ridley were? Five hands were raised. I then asked how many knew who the Covenanters were? One hand was raised.

One out of almost one hundred men and this in a group whose knowledge of church history would be better than one hundred men asked the same question in the street. So what does this say about the knowledge of church history in America today?

Men in the modern church can tell you all about the players on their favorite teams but they know little or nothing about the heritage which has brought them the gospel, and their freedom of worship. So if those who are supposed to be Christians do not know who Latimer and Ridley were, or why and how they died, it should be obvious then that the Pope's celebrating of the mass on his recent visit to America should be received without a word of protest, and why accords of betrayal can be signed without bothering millions of professed believers!

The ignorance of church history today is indeed mindboggling. If the men in America today do not know anything about entire groups, such as the Reformers and the Waldenses, how could they ever form a true opinion about the errors and persecutions of Rome?

If I do not know that the major English Reformers were all martyred - burned at the stake ~ by Rome for not accepting the Roman Catholic sacrament of the Mass, I can hardly be expected to get too excited about the celebration of the Mass today. And this is exactly where we are in North America today. The prevailing opinion, as demonstrated by the Promise Keepers, and the charismatics, is that Roman Catholics just celebrate communion a little differently than we do.

This is why I believe that there is a great apostasy in America today far deeper then most people realize. For there is no basis, no ground, no foundation upon which theological issues can be decided. As Patton noted seventy years ago:

More than he is aware, undoubtedly, the unlearned reader is indebted to the controversies which he treats with such scant consideration for his ability to see upon the face of Scripture the meaning which he reads into it. 4

As time goes by he loses completely the ability to come to a proper exegesis of Scripture. For up-to-date false prophets influence his interpretation of Scripture by denying the interpretations which the Reformers and the martyrs put forth.

The modern ecumenists put forth a religion which denies any difference at all between Romanism and Protestantism. Consequently the unlearned reader today is swallowed up in eclecticism and an Ail-American religion of good-will, goodworks, and universal salvation.

Therefore no one will say a word about the Pope or the Mass which he celebrates for the religion he espouses is the same religion which millions of Americans, who are not Roman Catholics, also espouse. An amiable religion to which almost any one of goodwill can subscribe, and which demands almost nothing in the way of allegiance.

Error ALWAYS FLOURISHES IN SUCH A MILIEU! This is what is happening now in North America. Men in the church know just about everything concerning sports, politics, work, and pleasure, but almost nothing about a hard-won exegesis of Scripture, or about church history in which the battles of exegesis and exposition of Scripture were fought. After all if we are all going to heaven when we die why worry about such things? Therefore I no longer expect such people to take a stand for they do not KNOW ENOUGH TRUTH to refute error and so are sadly INCAPABLE of taking any kind of stand in the evil day of which the Apostle Paul speaks.

There are millions in North America today (Canada and the United States) who go through little liturgies and litanies every Sunday without ever questioning whether such things are scriptural or not. Or whether or not they are idolatrous. These people may be adamantly opposed to abortion but not opposed in any way to wrong worship or idolatry. Yet if the Bible is true, this is the greatest sin of all, for it breaks the first and second commandments.

The Scripture near the end of its revelation states categorically: "Little children keep yourselves from idols." As Farrar noted "Idols are always a fatal hindrance to, the attainment of truth. Sooner or later they that make them become like unto them, and so do all who put their trust in them." 5 Idolatry is a heinous sin before God yet it is seldom mentioned in this sinful and idolatrous generation.

I believe in a sovereign God. I believe that He is able to revive His work. But I believe that it is going to take the preaching of the truth to enlighten minds and hearts and to overthrow the idolatrous nature of worship in this day and time. We must lift up Christ as an all-sufficient Saviour and the ONLY Mediator between God and men. It is an uphill task but certainly not impossible.

However, even though I believe in the possibility of God sending a great spiritual awakening, I cannot predicate my ministry upon such a hope. I must minister the Word of God faithfully amid the apostasy, worldliness, idolatry, and compromise of this generation. This is what every faithful servant of God has had to do down through history. He labors in the Word and prays for God to move. He then leaves the outcome to God.

We believe that the only hope for America, or any other country, is the preaching of the gospel of redeeming grace and teaching the whole counsel of God. We need to lift up the trumpet and sound out the great truths of the Scriptures without apology and without compromise: salvation by grace ALONE; justification by faith ALONE; the only rule for faith and practice the Bible ALONE; the only Mediator between God and men Christ ALONE; everyone who preaches a false gospel is to be ANATHEMA not welcomed upon our platforms. We need an uncompromising, exclusive, biblical, Spirit-empowered message to replace the anemic, lukewarm, man-centered, romanized message of today. This romanized message, this all-American message does not have enough truth in it to save a mouse never mind a nation!

As the love of many grows cold; as the great falling away invades the visible church, as lukewarmness and religious form take over, denying the very power of godliness, we are nevertheless to carry on and to occupy until Jesus comes. When we begin to see these things we are to lift up our heads for the coming of the Lord draws near. Christ Himself warned us:

And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and the cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye, therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.

Until the Lord returns we must lift up our voices like trumpets, and wield the sword of truth with sledgehammerlike blows against the curse of the papacy, and those who want to romanize the truth. Amen and Amen!

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